Subdivision is the legal mechanism used to create new, titled parcels of land and to adjust existing property lines. This includes a basic lot line adjustment, but not a consolidation of two or more lots. Lot consolidations (cancellation of interior lot lines) do not require a subdivision application to the City but are instead approved by the Registrar of the Land Title and Survey Authority.

Please see our subdivision guide and application form to get an understanding of typical application requirements. The complexity of subdivision applications can vary in which we ask for you to discuss your ideas with City staff prior to submitting an application. The Development Cost Charges (DCC) Bylaw outlines when DCCs are collected. Other fees and charges that may apply during the subdivision process can be found the in the City's Fees and Charges Bylaw

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1. Development Permit
2. Development Variance Permit
3. Board of Variance
4. Heritage Alteration Permit
5. Temporary Use Permit
6. Rezoning
7. Official Community Plan (OCP) Amendment
8. Subdivision
9. Road Closure
10. Charges or Notices on Title