Tips to Reduce Waste

Do you have a large number of members in your household?

Some helpful tips to reducing waste include:

  1. Recycle more – information on what is accepted at the curb and at the depot can be found on the Multi-Material BC website or on the Bresco website.
  2. Backyard Compost – information on how to compost can be found on the CSRD website including information on how to purchase a composter through the regional district for $40. To learn about more about how to be Bear Aware while backyard composting please visit the Revelstoke Bear Aware website.
  3. Choose to buy products which don’t contain a lot of packaging.
  4. Plan food purchases and meals to reduce food spoilage and the amount of food you put in the garbage. 
  5. If you are unable to reduce your garbage to one container you can put out additional bag containers provided they have a TAG A BAG STICKER on them. Tag a bag stickers are available for purchase at City Hall.