Cosmetic Pesticides

The City of Revelstoke adopted a Pesticide Use Bylaw No. 1988 in November 2011. The Bylaw regulates the non-essential or cosmetic use of pesticides as a means of improving or maintaining the appearance of lawns, gardens, hard landscapes and vegetated lands within the City of Revelstoke.

A pesticide is a general term for any substance designed to eliminate undesired insects, weeds, rodents, fungi, bacteria and other organisms. Pesticides come in many forms and can be categorized as insecticides (for insects), herbicides (for weeds), and fungicides (for fungal diseases).

The active ingredient(s) in a pesticide are listed on its container. When using a pesticide it’s important to READ THE LABEL. Active ingredients that are allowed under this bylaw include ingredients such as soaps, silicon dioxide, corn gluten and acetic acid. For a complete list of less toxic allowed active ingredients click here. These active ingredients are often found in the Environmental Friendly Pesticides that are locally available. For a list of Environmentally Friendly Pesticides including their active ingredient(s) and common name click here.

The City of Revelstoke has prohibited the use of cosmetic pesticides on land owned by the City and on privately owned residential property. The City does not have the authority to regulate pesticide use on privately owned land used for commercial or industrial purposes or to regulate the sale of pesticides in the City of Revelstoke. The City of Revelstoke stopped using pesticides on all parks and playing fields in June of 2009.

For an educational brochure which further details the City of Revelstoke’s Pesticide Use Bylaw, including where to access additional resources click here.