Inter-community Business Licence

Inter-community Business License 

The City of Revelstoke is proud to be a part of the Okanagan Simillkameen Region Inter-Community Business License Program. This additional license at a cost of $150.00 allows you to operate your business in participating municipalities. Please read the "who is eligible" portion of the FAQ’s.

CLICK HERE for FAQ’s (frequently asked questions) about this 20 municipality Business License program.

CLICK HERE for our Inter-community Business license (ICBL) brochure.

Under the ICBL agreement, an eligible non-resident business or a business that does not have a business location in any of the Participating Municipalities may obtain a standard business license from any one of the Participating Municipalities and then may apply for an ICBL. If a mobile business has store-fronts in multiple communities, they must purchase a municipal business license in each of those Participating Municipalities.

The ICBL cost is separate and additional to the Business License cost. Each business owner has the option to purchase the additional ICBL if they will be performing their services in any or all Participating Municipalities. $150 in addition to resident business license.