Hay Road Development Proposal

An application has been made to develop the following properties: 1794 Hay Rd, 1836 Hay Rd, 1738 Grizzly Lane.

The proposed project includes a mix of single family, duplexes and row houses as well as two parks. Infrastructure improvements such as new sidewalks, a pathway, water and sewer are part of the proposed project development. 

The applicant has completed several months of research and engagement with residents adjacent and near the proposed project area. The City has reviewed the proposed concept provided, the outcomes of the developer led engagement and is now asking the public for feedback. 

Future land growth

Hay Road Survey Closed - June 30, 2020

To date, the engagement process initiated by the developer is beyond the engagement requirements in both City and Provincial legislation. However, given the questions raised by residents, the City made the decision to directly engage with the public to provide answers regarding specific questions about the development and seek feedback prior to starting the formal legislative process for Council’s consideration of the proposed development and the application to amend the OCP and rezone the lands.

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