Lowertown Improvement Project

Update: August 19, 2020

The Lowertown project is now complete and streets were reopened yesterday afternoon!

The success of this project was due to:

  • the contractor (Jake-Jay Construction) completing the project in a diligent and professional manner and being respectful of the residents, businesses and public during the project
  • the Gateway Inn was very helpful during this project allowing splash park users to access the splash park through their property,
  • residents on Second Street were very cooperative by finding alternate parking, accessing their homes from their alleys and tolerating the construction noise for the duration of the project. 
  • the owner of the empty lot at 2nd and Wright St. (Fred Beruschi) allowed the contractor to use the property to provide access to the Gateway Inn and Splash parkas well as staging of equipment and material 
  • SD 19 and users of the College were cooperative in accommodating the changing accesses to the college and daycare (as well as putting up with construction noise)

Thanks to everyone for their patience and cooperation while the project was completed!

Lowertown Completion

UPDATE:  Aug 5, 2020
Lowertown_Construction Updates_2020-08-05

UPDATE:  July 7, 2020Lowertown_Construction Updates_2020-07-27

UPDATED:  July 13, 2020 - Construction Updates
Lowertown_Construction Updates_2020-07-13

UPDATED:  July 8, 2020 - Construction UpdatesLowertown_Construction Updates_2020-07-08

UPDATED: June 29, 2020

View the latest construction updates for the #Lowertown improvement project - week of June 29th, 2020.

Lowertown_Construction Updates_2020-06-29

UPDATED: June 15, 2020

The latest construction updates for the #Lowertown improvement project - Week of June 15, 2020 #revyroads


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UPDATED: June 7th, 2020

Latest construction updates are listed in the graphics below for work taking place between June 8th to 20th, 2020.

Lowertown_Construction Updates_June 8-2020

UPDATED: June 4th, 2020

Residents in the Lowertown Improvements Project Area: During construction on First and Second St. West in Lowertown, please be advised that garbage pick-up will be in the alley. This will be from Wright to King St. between Third and Second St. 

Please ensure that you have no boats, trailers etc. blocking the alley for the garbage truck to access.

Garbage Pick-up Location Update - Lowertown Residents - 2020-06-04

UPDATED: May 29th, 2020 

The Lower Town project will take place this summer in the vicinity of Okanagan College and the new splash pad in Farwell Park (First St. West, Second St. and Benson St.). Construction is set to commence the week of June 1st, 2020.

Work will include the reconstruction of four city blocks (curb, gutter, sidewalk and streetlights) and replacement of aging water and sanitary sewer mains plus new storm drainage.

The project has been awarded to Jake-Jay Construction Ltd. in the amount of $1,366,764.00.

During construction there will be heavy equipment and dump-trucks travelling to and from the work site, please use caution when travelling near these areas. When required, there will be detours around the work site. 

Please obey signs and follow direction of traffic control persons. Parking within the construction areas will not be permitted throughout completion of the project. The parking lot at OK College/Daycare will be accessible from 2nd Street for the most part, occasionally users may have to walk in from 1st Street, 2nd street, or the empty lot on Wright Street. 

If the splash park re-opens, we will revise the plan to show parking areas for users of the park. Pedestrian and bike access to the park and OK College/Daycare will always be available during construction. 

There will be planned interruptions to the supply of water and sanitary services. Residents will be informed in advance of any planned interruptions and we will make every effort to minimize the duration of any such event.

During construction, every effort will be made to minimize inconvenience to area businesses and residents. 

Thank you in advance for your patience while this necessary work is carried out.

20031 - Revised Lowertown Traffic Management Sketch

UPDATED: April 29, 2020

Work along approximately 140m of First Street between Benson Street and Hanson Street:

  • Removal and disposal of roadway,
  • Storm main, Sanitary sewer and water installations,
  • Curb, gutter, sidewalk and roadway construction,
  • Street lighting, and
  • Applicable removals, adjustments and restoration works

Work along approximately 60m of Benson Street between First Street and Second Street:

  • Removal and disposal of roadway,
  • Sanitary sewer installation,
  • Curb, gutter, sidewalk and roadway construction, and
  • Applicable removals, adjustments and restoration works

Work along approximately 200m of Second Street between Wright Street and Hanson Street:

  • Removal and disposal of roadway,
  • Sanitary sewer and water installation,
  • Minor storm system improvements,
  • Curb, gutter, sidewalk and roadway construction,
  • Applicable removals, adjustments and restoration works