4th / Victoria / Townley Roundabout

UPDATE:  Oct 29, 2020 - The #TownleyRoundly roundabout is OPEN!  
A brief ribbon cutting ceremony took place this morning while the roundabout traffic hummed away in the background. Mayor Sulz addressed the work crew, thanking them for their efforts and hard work. Though the project took a bit longer than anticipated, it came in on-budget and with extended infrastructure work completed beyond the original scope. Grant funding was a huge factor in making this project happen and the City thanks Infrastructure Canada and UBCM-Federal Gas Tax Fund for their support.

“Investing in safe and efficient roadways helps ensure people and goods can move smoothly and supports economic development,” said the Honourable Catherine McKenna, Minister of Infrastructure and Communities. “It’s great to see the federal Gas Tax Fund delivering results like this new roundabout, which will improve driver safety and traffic flow at one of Revelstoke’s key intersections. Canada’s infrastructure plan invests in thousands of projects, creates jobs across the country, and builds stronger communities.”

“Communities across B.C. are upgrading and expanding core infrastructure with investments provided by the federal Gas Tax Fund,” said Councillor Brian Frenkel, president of the Union of B.C. Municipalities. “Revelstoke’s new roundabout promises to keep traffic moving and improve safety for residents, and it is good to see it move into operation.”

Thank you to the community for your patience through the project. Please drive safely!

Ribbon Cutting

Ribbon Cutting_aerial

Ribbon Cutting_aerial2

Ribbon Cutting_Mayor address to crew

Ribbon Cutting_Crew and Council

Ribbon Cutting_Crew and Council2

UPDATE:  Oct 27, 2020
The City is thrilled to announce that the #TownleyRoundly roundabout is set to open on Thursday Oct 29, 2020! Plans for a ribbon cutting ceremony are in the works with details to follow. We thank the community and businesses for all your support and patience through the project. Read Full Media Release


UPDATE:  Oct 15, 2020
Though rain has been a factor, the #TownleyRoundly roundabout work is coming to a close with the final finishing touches left. Weather permitting, Engineering is hopeful to be finished these last items by the end of next week! (weather dependent/tentative).  
Posting Template_TownleyRoundly 2020_2020-10-15
UPDATE:  Oct 6, 2020
The new #TownleyRoundly is looking good! Anticipated opening is mid-October (tentative) - please remember to keep out of the site area until the project is complete. Thank you for your cooperation.

TownleyRoundly-Oct 5-_2

UPDATE:  Sept 28, 2020
The #townleyroundly roundabout project nears close with paving and other final steps moving forward. The contractors would like to remind everyone to stay clear of fresh asphalt and all construction equipment and also continue to follow the detours/signage around the site. Engineering anticipates finish for mid-October!
Posting Template_TownleyRoundly 2020_2020-09-29

UPDATE:  Sept 14, 2020
The contractor would also like to note the following regarding the upcoming work planned:
- Fresh asphalt cannot be driven on immediately. Residents/Visitors are asked to please obey all Traffic Control Person’s direction and signage/delineation.
- Residents/Visitors are also asked to please remain clear of fresh asphalt and all construction equipment when travelling near the site, and cross only at the designated areas. 

Posting Template_TownleyRoundly 2020_2020-09-15
Sept 14_Round About Townley pictures 20200914-2_smaller_stamped
Sept 14_Round About Townley pictures 20200914_smaller_stamped

UPDATE:  Sept 7, 2020
Posting Template_TownleyRoundly 2020_2020-09-07
UPDATE: Sept 1, 2020
Please note the following impacts of upcoming work, as provided by the contractor: During sanitary lining, service will be temporarily blocked (you will be notified during this process and when it is ok to resume regular use). It is recommended that all residents of the affected areas to refrain from using their sanitary and water usage during the repair time to avoid system backup (approximately 8am-5pm). Also, during curing of concrete, it is important that residents remain clear of the wet concrete so as not to compromise the finished product.
Posting Template_TownleyRoundly 2020_2020-09-01
UPDATE: August 28, 2020 

August 28, 2020 - Roundabout Photo from aboveAugust 28, 2020 - Roundabout Collage_1
August 28, 2020 - Roundabout Collage_3August 28, 2020 - Roundabout Collage_2

UPDATE:  Aug 24, 2020 - for approximately the next 2 weeks
Posting Template_TownleyRoundly 2020_2020-08-24
UPDATE:  Aug 10, 2020 - for approximately the next 2 weeksPosting Template_TownleyRoundly 2020_2020-08-10

UPDATE:  Aug 5, 2020 - for approximately the next 2 weeks
Posting Template_TownleyRoundly 2020_2020-08-05

UPDATE:  July 27, 2020 - for approximately the next 2 weeks


UPDATED:  July 13, 2020 - Construction Updates
Posting Template_TownleyRoundly 2020_2020-07-13

UPDATED:  July 6, 2020 - Construction Update

Posting Template_TownleyRoundly 2020_2020-07-06

UPDATED:  July 3, 2020 - Detour Change for July 6 & 7, 2020

#TownleyRoundly Detour Update:  Please note that the detour around the Victoria/Townley/Fourth roundabout project will temporarily change starting Monday July 6, 2020 for approximately two days.  

Detour July 6-7, 2020 Opens in new window

UPDATED: June 29th, 2020

View the latest roundabout construction updates for the week of June 29th, 2020.

Posting Template_TownleyRoundly 2020_2020-06-29

UPDATED: August 5, 2020

View the roundabout construction time lapse video.

The #TownleyRoundly project has received more funding! 

The ICBC Road Improvement Program has contributed $83,700 in recognition of the excellent design.

ICBC provides funding through this program to support road improvements that enhance road safety for all users. 

Read the full Media Release: https://bit.ly/2Y7WCIO #revyroads #cityofrevelstoke 

Victoria-Townley-4th Roundabout - 2020-06-17

UPDATED: June 15th, 2020

The latest construction updates for the #TownleyRoundly roundabout project - June 15-27, 2020 #revyroads.

Posting Template_TownleyRoundly 2020_Week of June 15-27

UPDATED: June 7th, 2020

View the latest updates on the roundabout construction for June 8th to 20th, 2020. 

Posting Template_TownleyRoundly 2020_June 8-20

UPDATED: June 3rd, 2020

View this weeks roundabout construction update in the graphic below.

Reminder that it is unsafe for vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists to enter the roundabout construction site at ANY TIME! 

For your own safety, please keep out of the construction zone. 

Posting Template_TownleyRoundly 2020_Week of June 1-2020

UPDATED: May 26th, 2020

Attention cyclists & pedestrians - For your own safety, please adhere to the marked detour around the #TownleyRoundly roundabout construction at all times. 


Do not enter the construction zone at any time, day or night. Even with the changes in the vehicle detour this week, the pedestrian/cyclist route remains generally in place though bypass pumping hoses may have to be avoided along the way. 

Please follow the signs, take your time, and be aware of high traffic areas. 

See the included map for the designated detour route for pedestrians & cyclists. Thank you for your cooperation.

TownleyRoundly_Map_Pedestrian Detour Route_May 2020

UPDATED: May 25th, 2020

Roundabout work to be completed during the week of May 25th - June 6th, 2020 is listed in the graphic below. 

TownleyRoundly 2020_Construction Updates_May 25-June 6

Thank you for your continued patience and cooperation. Stay safe and take your time through the detour route. 

UPDATED: May 21, 2020

Roundabout detour changes will be in place from May 25th-30th, 2020. This is required to accommodate bypass pumping of the sanitary sewer while the new sanitary sewer pipes are connected to the existing system. 

Once the connections are complete the detour will return to the original route. View the detour map below.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation. Stay safe and take your time along the detour route.

New Detour Route_May 25-30_Map for Posting_smaller

UPDATED: May 19th, 2020

Latest updates for the roundabout construction from May 18th-30th, 2020. 

Please note, there will be a change in the detour route starting May 25, 2020 - look out for a new map and posting later this week with the details. It will be in effect from May 25-30. 

The contractor has requested a noise bylaw exemption for Sunday May 24th from 7am-5pm. We will provide more details in the next few days on these updates. Thank you for your patience and cooperation. 

Stay safe and take your time along the detour route. 

Roundabout_Construction Update - May 18-30