Subsidy & Cancellation

Affordable Child Care Benefit (ACCB)

The Affordable Child Care Benefit (ACCB) is available for families that qualify, check the "online estimator" as most people do qualify! Forms are available at the Community Centre. Your application should be submitted at least 8 weeks prior to class, or earlier. Please note, the Toddler Time program does not qualify for ACCB.

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Click the logo to access the Government ACCB online information. 

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When you apply for benefits, there is a form we are required to fill out for your application. Click on the button to access this form. Please note, it up to the applicant to submit this with the rest of the applicant in a timely manner.

For some, program fees may be tax deductible. Keep your receipts for tax purposes, if you lose your receipts and you require us to do a “receipt search” there is a $16.00 administrative charge.

Cancellation Policy

Parents have two weeks prior to the program start date to withdraw. A $16 cancellation fee will be applied. Once the program begins, upon a program withdrawal, that full monthly payment will be due plus a $16 cancellation fee. Remainder of fees paid to the program will be refunded. Please note: the $50 deposit is non-refundable for any cancellation. Refunds by cheque may take up to three weeks to receive.