Pro-D / Early Dismissal Days

ACTION Packed Pro-D Days & Early Dismissal Days

Do you like to have fun? Swim? Play? Adventure? Then our ACTION packed Pro-D Day full course is for you! We will spend the whole day making friends, playing fun games and doing all kinds of sports as a team. We also will take time to be creative and make something nice to go home with.

Our ACTION packed day is designed to be inclusive, enjoyable and engaging for all kinds of kids. We will try new skills, work as a team to solve puzzles,  and have enormous amounts of fun, utilizing all the awesome facilities at the Revelstoke Aquatic Centre. Children will be taught and accompanied at all times by a qualified sports coach and leader.

Come and join the fun, this is a Pro-D Day like you’ve never experienced!

Ages: 6-12 yrs. Pack swim gear, active clothing & footwear, snacks, lunch, water.

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PRO D Days:

To be updated for 2020-2021 school schedule
8:30am-4:30pm  -  $50 per day

Early Dismissal Days:

 To be updated for 2020-2021 school schedule
12:30pm-4:00pm  -   $25 per day