Automated Voting Machines

In this election for the first time, the City will be using an automated vote counting system and procedure. Voters will vote by completing ovals in the space provided on the paper ballot opposite the name of any candidate and opposite either  ‘yes’ or ‘no’ for a referendum question.

When an elector enters the voting place (for both Advance voting and General Voting), he or she will be offered a short demonstration of how to vote on the automated ballots and how to insert the ballot in the automated vote counting unit. Then the election officials will ensure that the elector is qualified to vote and have the elector sign the list of registered voters. A ballot will be issued as well as a privacy sleeve for the ballot and the voter will be instructed to fill in the ovals for:

One (1) for Councillors

Do NOT vote for more candidates than are to be elected. Fill in the oval beside the name completely and do NOT use an ‘X’ or any other symbol.

The elector will fill out the ballot in a private booth. If assistance is required, the election officials will arrange for this assistance. If an elector decides to make changes to his/her ballot, he or she can ask an election official for a new ballot. The secrecy of the old ballot will be maintained but it will not be counted.

Once the ballot has been filled out, the elector will place the ballot back in the privacy sleeve, proceed toward the vote counting unit and insert the ballot into the slot of the vote counting unit. Once the ballot has been pushed into the vote counting unit about 2 inches, the unit will automatically draw the ballot from the privacy sleeve. An election official will be at the machine at all times to provide assistance.

If an elector is unable to access the voting place the election officials will provide curbside voting. Then the election official will take the ballot back into the voting place and insert the ballot in the voting machine, ensuring that the secrecy of the ballot is maintained at all times.

If the elector has voted for too many candidates or too few candidates, the machine will display that information. The elector can then have the ballot returned and the elector can privately revise and then recast the ballot. The election official at the machine will help.  If the voter does not wish to vote for the full number of candidates the machine can be instructed to accept the under-voted ballot and those votes will be counted.

This video has been provided to better clarify the automated voting process: