Temporary Commercial and Industrial Permit


The purpose of a temporary commercial and industrial permit is to allow commercial and industrial activities on a temporary basis. The types of activities that are typically governed by these permits include roadside stands, asphalt batch plants, and portable sawmills. These permits may only be issued within areas specifically identified in the city's Official Community Plan, Map Schedule G.

The city may require the permit holder to comply with certain specific conditions. These conditions may include the demolition or removal of a building or structure, restoration of the site area, or posting of security to guarantee performance of the stated conditions.


Property owners who would like to apply for a temporary commercial or industrial permit are encouraged to contact the Engineering and Development Services Department at (250) 837-3637 before submitting an application. For staffing purposes, permit intake is done at the Engineering and Development Services Department between the hours of 8:30 am and 10:00 am, unless alternative arrangements are made.