Economic Highlights

Mountain Community

Revelstoke is located in the British Columbia interior between the Monashee Mountains and Selkirk Ranges. The Trans Canada Highway at Revelstoke’s door provides easy access west to Vancouver and east to Calgary. Over four million motorists travel the corridor every year, stopping to revel in the natural setting of ancient glaciers, mountain streams, awesome vistas, and abundant wildlife.

Style of Life

Over 7,500 residents are happy to share their vision of mountain living, where economic prosperity is sensitive to the preservation of culture and environment. Recreation and businesses are all easily accessible. Revelstoke has the distinct advantage of affordable housing and a tradition of low taxation. The easygoing lifestyle is, in itself, an attraction from the frantic pace of city life. The mountain location and the independent nature of the city have encouraged at-home solutions and planning processes. Revelstoke has a strong core of committed civic and business leaders working to maintain and improve the quality of life.

Pride in the Community

Revelstoke has a very strong sense of community, and local residents take great pride in the community and in a legacy of innovative and community-based achievements. Community revitalization, the Revelstoke Community Forest Corporation, the Revelstoke Railway Museum, and the Revelstoke Community Foundation are tangible results of the many community-based initiatives that have benefited the city.

Grizzly Plaza is the heart of downtown Revelstoke. Renowned for its life-size bronze bear statues, the Plaza creates a strong retail focus and acts as a meeting place for the community and a nightly summer showcase for live entertainment.