What can I expect when returning to PRC facilities?

Coming back, you will notice changes to our facilities and new procedures have been implemented to keep our staff and visitors safe.

  • One-way entrance and exits have been established for all facilities. Staff and visitor access to facilities have been separated.
  • Entrance into the Community & Aquatic Centre will be restricted to Campbell Avenue (Riverside entrance doors)
  • Communal pathways have been reconfigured to directional pathways to reduce personal interactions.
  • Hand sanitizer has been provided at all entrances and must be used before entering and exiting the building.
  • Signs have been posted at entrances instructing customers and employees who have a cold, flu or COVID19 symptoms to not enter the building.
  • Signs have been posted throughout the facility reminding employees and customers of the COVID19 key principles.
  • Physical distancing markers and directional markers have been placed on the floor throughout the facilities.
  • Floor Lobby area seating has been removed.
  • Water fountains have been disconnected.
  • Water bottle fill stations will remain open.
  • There will be no drop in programming. Pre-registration will be required for all activities.
  • Occupancy loads for all PRC facilities have been reduced to accommodate physical distancing requirements.

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