What about privacy?

Data is collected passively from the TELUS network in a prescribed Revelstoke Study Area for the study period. To protect the privacy of customers, several frameworks and measures are in place:

  • All data is de-identified, meaning it cannot be traced back to an individual as all personal information has been removed.
  • All data is aggregated into large data pools, ensuring privacy is fully protected at all times.
  • All data is extrapolated to be representative of the total Canadian population.
  • All data is stored on secured TELUS assets.

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1. What is TELUS Insights?
2. What it is the Revelstoke TELUS Insights project?
3. Why is Revelstoke conducting this project?
4. Who is leading this project?
5. What about privacy?
6. What kind of data will be collected?
7. How will the data be used?
8. How will the City communicate the findings with the public?
9. What is the project timeline?
10. What are the next steps?