What is the business planning & budget process?

Each year the City identifies priorities, goals and initiatives that ensure good use of resources and link back to our Strategic Plan. Public input is key to the entire process and residents are encouraged to get involved. Here’s the how the process works:

  • Council Members provide direction and feedback on strategic priorities to guide the budget process

  • Finance department reviews business plans and budget requirements as submitted by the different departments, and makes recommendations to Council

  • Review includes revisions and reprioritization of needs, taking into consideration strategic priorities, associated costs and public input

  • Council reviews recommendations and approves budget

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1. What impact will the 2019 budget have on homeowners?
2. Was there any public input in the preparation of this budget?
3. What is the business planning & budget process?
4. What is the difference between the operating budget and the capital budget?
5. Besides property taxes, what other sources of funding does the City have?
6. How do Revelstoke’s property taxes compare with other nearby municipalities?
7. What is the annual operating budget for the City?
8. How is the operating budget funded?
9. What’s new in the 2019 budget?
10. Why is the property tax increase more than the Consumer Price Index?
11. Why does the City need a tax increase?
12. What does the City do to control or reduce costs?
13. Will next year’s tax increase be lower?
14. With all the growth, why do we need a tax increase?