About Us


The Revelstoke Fire Department was established in 1892. Today, Revelstoke Fire Rescue Services is comprised of nine career staff and 36 volunteer firefighters. The career staff includes one fire chief, one fire inspector / assistant chief, one training officer / assistant chief, one dispatcher / clerk, and five career firefighters.

Our Vision

We will be a leader in emergency services in our community. We will be a diverse workforce that provides quality fire and life safety services through proactive and innovative training, education, code enforcement, risk assessment, and community involvement. We will be vigilant, brave, and prepared.

Our Values

  • We will continue to build trust and credibility through our actions and a caring attitude.
  • We believe that people are the most valuable resource.
  • We believe that pride, pursuit of excellence, and commitment to our community is of paramount importance.
  • We value progressive, positive leadership with a vision towards the future and with a commitment to the development of all staff, career, and volunteer firefighters.
  • We will be accountable to those we serve by being fiscally responsible.
  • We will be professional in all our actions.
  • We will diligently watch over ourselves, our family, and our community.
  • We recognize that every firefighter is a valued member of the department's family and that what affects one, affects all.
  • We shall strive to promote safety, health, and welfare at all times.
  • We are sensitive and responsive to our community needs and will strive to be an integral part of our community.
  • We will enthusiastically complete all tasks safely and with detailed perseverance.
  • We will remain skilled, knowledgeable, and ready to serve.
  • We believe that training and education are the foundation to our service.
  • We will treat all persons with respect, compassion, dignity, and tolerance.