Birthday Parties

(We recommend birthday parties requiring leaders be booked 2 weeks in advance.

Wet & Wild Birthday Party  

Get wet & wild with your friends and celebrate your birthday in the pool!  Your party booking includes a room for $35.00 & discount swim rates for children. To book a leader is an additional $28.00.

Ages: 7-12 years
Cost: $3.00 per child $5.75 per adult 

Preschool Birthday Party

(Maximum 8 children - if more we'll chat!)

Children 6 and under including one parent in the water can celebrate their birthday in the beach area of the pool!  Shallow Water Fun with a party leader complete with games, toys, songs and more for 1 hour. Your party booking includes up to 8 child pool entries, a leader, the use of a room for cake, goodies and gift  opening. NEW bouncy castle rental option for preschool parties!

Ages: 3-6 years
Cost:  $67.00    participating adults $3.00

*** For all parties with children 6 and under, there must be one adult who accompanies every 3 children in the water within arms reach- this adult does not include the instructor who is leading the birthday party.**

NEW!!! Bouncy Castle Available for Rent

This bouncy castle is available for children from 1 - 10 years old.            


Cost: $50 rental with a $100 refundable damage deposit
Additional Requirements: 
- Equipment rental form here 
- $3 million of liability insurance (approx. $12) Go to  for easy online insurance

Just Want A Room?

We have large multi purpose rooms available for rent which include tables and chairs. Keep your house mess free and let them play here!
Cost: $26.25 per hour

Skating Birthday Parties

Hit the ice with your friends and celebrate your birthday on skates!  Your party booking includes admission to the arena, skate rental and use of the lobby area to set up tables and chairs for snacks and cake.  
Cost:  $28.00 per hour for a party during public skate time. 
           $53.50 per hour 
for a party held outside public skate times.        

To book your party, call 250-837-4040 or email