Key Reports & Documents

Community Development Action Plan 

Learn about the city's goals, community portrait, citizen survey, and vision statement.
Community Development Action Plan

Food Security Strategy

The Revelstoke Food Charter was adopted by City Council in February 2014.

The Revelstoke Food Security Strategy was developed in 2014. 

Integrated Community Sustainability Plan 2012

Made in, for and with Revelstoke 

What is an ICSP? 
An ICSP provides a fresh look at the future for a community, to set priorities with a long-term strategic lens. It creates an ‘umbrella’ that integrates and links existing plans for efficient action. 

Similar to past Community Development Action Plans, this ICSP compiles current data and a comprehensive survey about community members' well-being and desires for the future. It also involved the community in prioritizing community-wide actions to improve sustainability. 

The ICSP is organized into a family of documents that include:
The Sustainability Framework takes a long-term (50 year) look at the trends that Revelstoke is facing. Based on these trends it identifies 10 sustainability priorities and a number of integrating strategies to focus our efforts for long-term benefits. It also recommends how the City, government agencies, community organizations, businesses and households can work together to implement the framework for the best results.

This report documents what Revelstoke is doing well, and what improvements are needed on our path towards long-term sustainability. Participants at the November Sustainability Fair and others provided us great feedback that we’ve been incorporating into the final draft report.

The Sustainable Community Action Plan prioritizes Revelstoke’s next steps to enhance our sustainability. This plan brings together actions from every City and community planning document, and new ideas, and prioritizes them using community input and technical assessment. These priorities are the big, important moves that Revelstoke needs to take to become an even better place to live, work and play. 

Appendix 1 Healthy Ecosystems & Open Spaces
Appendix 2 Strong Community Capacity
Appendix 3 Compact & Connected Community
Appendix 4 Resilient Infrastructure
Appendix 5 Responsive, Caring Social Systems
Appendix 6 Vibrant Culture
Appendix 7 Dynamic & Local Economic Development 

2016 ICSP Update
Social Goals - Updated July 14, 2016

Revelstoke ICSP Information
For more information on the ICSP to date please see the links below:

Future Scenarios Note
Socio-Economic Note
Environment Note
Creating a Sustainable Future Note
List of Relevant Documents 
2012 Revelstoke Community Survey Summary and Survey Verbatim Comments 

More Information
Information about the Project Team 

Revelstoke ICSP Backgrounder 

BC ICSP Planning Initiative 

Labour Market Survey Results

The Revelstoke Labour Market Survey addresses four issues:

  1. to gain an accurate profile of the labour market based on a representative sample of the businesses in operation. 
  2. to discern the current and projected labour market needs. Which positions, if any were Revelstoke’ business owners having difficulty filling? 
  3. to learn what retention and attraction strategies businesses were currently using to attract employees and how they could be improved. 
  4. to examine the educational profile of our community to establish the current and future training needs of our workforce. 
This study is an initial step in securing a healthy business environment and workforce for Revelstoke by providing some local labour market data. 

The data collected complements regional and provincial statistics provided by different governing agencies so that community leaders and business owners can act proactively and make good informed labour force and training decisions.