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Step Code Airtightness Training 

Builders Workshop 


New Step Code Airtightness Standards

BCIT instructor provided an overview of the Step Code and delivered the Lab-in-a-Box program to local builders to learn about building to the BC Energy Step Code-a provincial framework aimed at creating healthier, more efficient and more comfortable buildings.

The workshop was sponsored by BC Housing, BCIT ZEBLC and the City of Revelstoke 

Link for Agenda and Course Description

For any questions please call or email Dan Gellein, Building Services Manager at 250-837-3637 or

2018 Building Code Update

The 2018 version of the BC Building Code has recently been released and will be considered to be in effect as of December 10, 2018. 


Any building permits submitted to the City of Revelstoke on or after December 10, 2018 will need to comply to ALL requirements of the 2018 version of the BC Building code with no exceptions. This is mandated by Provincial legislation by BC Building Standards and cannot be altered at the Municipal level. Permits submitted prior to this date will be subject to requirements of the 2012 BC Building Code.

We would also like to gauge local interest in an educational workshop on the major changes to the Code so we can determine whether it would be worthwhile to hold one specific to the changes. If you are interested in learning about the major recent code changes please contact the Development Services Department at 250-837-3637.

UPDATES BC Building Code:

The City of Revelstoke Chief Building Official advises that as of December 19, 2014 a number of new BC Building Code requirements took effect. A Provincial Information Bulletin outlining the five groups of changes is available for reference.

For updates to the BC Building Code CLICK HERE

Owner Builder Exam Information

Homeowner Protection Office (HPO) has changed their name to
“Licensing & Consumer Services” (LCS)
Here is the link to exam information and requirements for certification:  

New Energy Efficiency Requirements

This guide has been developed to assist builders in understanding and complying with the new requirements of the BC Building Code.

For more details and to view the Guide CLICK HERE

Required Insulation Values

BC Building Code 2012 Effective Insulation Values
For full chart CLICK HERE

Electrical and Gas permit Services

are provided by BC Safety Authority