Revelstoke Woodstove Exchange Program

GOAL: The City’s goal is to improve air quality by lowering smoke emissions. This program combines education and economic incentives to assist residents to operate their wood burning appliances efficiently and to exchange older smoky wood stoves for low emission appliances including new CSA/EPA (United States Environment Protection Agency)- certified clean burning wood stoves. New technology appliances are proven to burn 1/3 less wood, to reduce emissions by up to 70% and to significantly reduce risks of chimney fires. This program also supports local bylaws restricting the use of non-emission certified appliances.

REBATES: The City of Revelstoke has limited funds available to offer $500 rebates to a first come, first served basis to approved program participants. So act quickly while the funding is still available.

WHAT QUALIFIES: An exchange must take place. Any wood burning appliance currently providing heat to a residential or commercial building qualifies if it is not certified for efficiency and emission standards. Typically, stoves or inserts manufactured before 1994 are not efficiency certified. Most wood burning furnaces and outdoor wood burning boilers do not meet standards. A metal plate on the back of your unit will indicate the month and year of testing for EPA or CSA 415B standards.

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