Heritage Protection Tools

There are different types of heritage protection and tools available to manage change to properties with heritage value. 

Community Heritage Register

  • A formal listing of resources recognized as having important heritage value and character.
  • Registered properties are eligible for any heritage incentives made available by the local government.
  • A registered property does not mean it is protected, but that it is recognized by local government for planning purposes.
  • The City has eighteen (18) properties listed on the Revelstoke Community Heritage Register (established June 9, 2003). 

Heritage Conservation Area (HCA)

  • Establishes objectives and policies to guide decisions on planning and land use management in a district with special heritage value and character that has been identified in the OCP.
  • All changes to properties within an HCA must be done according to a mandatory Heritage Alteration Permit.
  • The OCP may list specific properties, land or features to be “protected heritage property.”
  • An HCA provides a comprehensive approach to managing distinct areas of the city and is best suited to areas where a large majority of the area’s properties
  • The City has one designated HCA outlined in the OCP. See the Revelstoke Station Conservation Area webpage for more details. 

Heritage Designation

  • Ensures the long-term protection of a heritage property, site or area.
  • Requires a report to Council regarding its heritage value and character, and compatibility with the OCP and lawful use of the property. A heritage designation bylaw is prepared and public hearings are held.

Heritage Revitalization Agreement (HRA)

  • Enables the local government to enter into formal agreements with a developer or property owner on a site-specific basis that provide long-term protection for the property.
  • Can supersede zoning regulations for site specific management of heritage values and character.

Heritage Conservation Covenants

  • Provides long-term protection of heritage property through contract.
  • Used for both buildings and landscapes. 
  • The covenant remains with the title of the property.

Heritage Alteration Permit