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The 2021/22 Banner Program theme was "Bears Doing Silly Things"

Participating in the Street Banner Program is a great way to highlight your creative talents and liven up our city streets. Everyone is welcome to participate!  Banner painting is extremely easy to do, especially with the guidance of our on-site artists at the Visual Arts Centre who help to coordinate and advise you. This is a great creative activity for adults, children, non-profit organizations, and businesses. 

Banners are installed in early spring and are displayed until late fall on city streets for everyone to enjoy.  

Important Information for Participants

What to do:

Have simple designs:

o    Having a simple, easy to paint design will allow you to paint your banner in the time allocated (3 hours).

o    Your banner will be easy to see from the streets displaying the desired effect.

o    The theme should stand out.

What NOT to do:

Avoid small details, images, or text on your banner design:

o    Small details and images are hard to see once hung and do not create the desired effect.

o    Text is not permitted on banners (excluding business logos) as the text will show backwards on 1 side.

o    No logos. Business banners will have their business name painted on the bottom of the banners. 

Please be aware...

  • You must register in advance at the Community Centre.
  • Numbers are limited; only those registered are to arrive at the Visual Arts Centre to paint.
  • Children under 12 must be accompanied by 1 adult. (Please adhere to this so we can maintain capacity regulations.)
  • To keep the program running smoothly and on time, it is critical for painters to arrive and finish within the 3 hour time slot.
  • If you need to confirm or change your painting date, please call the Community Centre at 250-837-9351 #3.
  • Once the banners are taken down, they are delivered to the Revelstoke Community Centre. The contact's name and number given at registration will be called for banner pick up.