What is an Official Community Plan?


An Official Community Plan (OCP) is a high-level planning document governed by British Columbia’s Local Government Act (LGA). Municipalities use OCP’s to address the “big picture” or future vision of the community, over a 20-year timeframe.  OCP’s are used to plan the nature and location of land use, development, and services based on community values. Detailed master planning for specific infrastructure, services and neighbourhood areas within the community refine the general direction provided in an OCP.  The OCP policies guide the Zoning Bylaw land use regulations.

Through a community process, an OCP develops a community vision and defines the goals policies, land use designations and other guidelines to reach that Vision. Once adopted by bylaw, all future works, plans and regulations enacted by the City must be consistent with the OCP. The OCP acts as a constant reference to ensure that proposed actions are aligned with the Vision. It enables both Council and residents to support and encourage desired development and community initiatives and to discourage proposals that are inconsistent with the OCP.

Over the course of time, the OCP goals, policies, land use designations and guidelines need to be revisited in order to validate what has been achieved and amended to incorporate new factors and issues not evident when the original document was conceived. This ensures the continued relevance and value of the OCP to Revelstoke in the future.