Official Community Plan: Vision Check-In Project


Help Shape the Future of Revelstoke

The City of Revelstoke’s Official Community Plan (OCP) was last updated in 2009. 

OCPs typically plan for 20-years, however, a lot can change and evolve over time and Revelstoke is a prime example of that. Since 2009, the population has grown and shifted, development interests are increasing, and affordability is becoming more challenging.

The Council has asked staff to launch an OCP Vision Check-In with you, the community of Revelstoke.


Process and Timeline

The purpose of the OCP Vision Check-In is to test the existing OCP vision with stakeholders throughout Revelstoke.  The testing process will identify if the 2009 OCP Vision needs to be revised or amended based on Community engagement.

Engagement  Objectives




Project Launch October 9, 2019
Collaborate Community Engagement Period – Vision and Community Values (various tactics proposed) October 9 – December 8
Inform and Consult Series of reports to the public and feedback surveys to refine the vision, values and recommendations for Council consideration Mid-November to January 2020
Inform Report to community/stakeholders on vision and values that will be brought to Council for consideration January 2020
Inform Update to Council – Engagement results, recommendations for vision and values January 2020
Inform Refer to Agencies as required under LGA and agreements: Municipal Affairs, First Nations, Region January 2020 
Decision Making Council consideration of first and second readings of Bylaw amendment, and public hearing for OCP Vision and Values February 2020
Decision Making Council consideration of amendment to the OCP Bylaw to update the Vision and Values March 2020

How Can You Get Involved?

Between October 9, 2019 to December 8, 2019 visioning events will be happening throughout your community. We are asking you four questions to help inform the vision and values for Revelstoke’s future.

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Spread The Word!

Tell your neighbours, co-workers, buddies, parents, kids… this is your chance to have your say on your hopes and dreams for Revelstoke and what you value most about your community. Posters located at coffee shops, schools, community centres and local businesses around the City will provide more information on how you can get involved.

Short on time or not sure if you’ll be able to attend a visioning event? Complete the visioning questions by clicking below.


Pop-Up Vision Event

Calling all vision champions! Not everyone checks this website, so we’re asking vision champions to host pop-up visioning events. The pop-up toolkit will provide guidance on how to schedule an event, suggest locations, and how to sign out the toolkit.

Organize a Visioning Party!

These pre-scheduled visioning events can be hosted by anyone. It’s a chance to bring a group of citizens together to discuss their hopes and dreams for Revelstoke. Simply have copies of the visioning questions ready for your guests to fill out. Then take some time to share your answers to learn about each other’s vision for Revelstoke. Don’t forget to return the completed vision forms to the City of Revelstoke Department so we can include them in the database!

Send photos from your events to or post on the City social media channels with #revyOCP to celebrate Shaping our Future!