Official Community Plan (OCP)


City of Revelstoke OCP Update Process


Here’s how YOU helped Shape the future of Revelstoke during our Vision Check In. 

To Test the current OCP vision within the Revelstoke Community, several visioning engagement events occurred between October 9th and December 8th, 2019. 

Vision Surveys

We asked four questions on how to shape the vision and values for Revelstoke’s future. 

  1. What do I value about Revelstoke Today? 
  2. What needs to change? 
  3. When I think about my hopes & dreams for Revelstoke in 10 years from now, what three words would I use to describe them? 
  4. How can I make that happen?

Pop-Up Vision Events 

Several pop-up events were hosted throughout the community to engage and encourage conversation among our community members. 

Vision Parties 

Like the pop-up events, Vision Parties gave the community the opportunity to bring citizens together to discuss their hopes and dreams of Revelstoke. 

Thanks to our participants the engagement goals were met as following:

Engagement goals

Next Steps: 

The OCP team are diligently working to compile the engagement results and will update this page to inform of next steps as we continue through the process. 

Community engagement


Questions and ideas are welcome and encouraged. 

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