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Johnson Heights is bounded by the railway tracks to the South and West, the Illecillewaet River to the South and East and Highway 1 to the North. The area currently has very little development, other than a small amount of residential, the KOA campground, the Hillcrest Hotel and Mt. Begbie Brewery. The other vacant lots are in a semi-natural state with naturally occurring forests and landscape. The area is cut off from the rest of the City by the CPR railway, which travels through the significant embankment, and separates the neighbourhood from the rest of the City. Most of the development is currently strata development with small individual mobile/modular homes as the dominant form of housing.

The neighbourhood planning process will explore the potential for the area in the context of the existing constraints and within the context of the changes occurring in the larger Revelstoke community.

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There are several development proposals submitted to the City for the Johnson Heights Study Area. In order to ensure a coordinated approach to development, the City has initiated a neighbourhood planning process. This process will plan for things like road, trail and pedestrian networks, water, sewer, stormwater infrastructure, emergency access and services and land use needed to support current and future development. 


The City has contracted a team of consultants to coordinate engagement with landowners and residents in the area and to complete technical studies related to transportation, environment, open space, slope stability and land use. 

Step 1: The City met with developers that are interested in developing their land in the near future. These land owners have agreed to coordinate on the planning and costs associated with a neighbourhood plan. 

Step 2: Residents and other landowners in the area are being informed of the process and invited to participate in creating a vision for the future of Johnson Heights.

Step 3: Once a vision has been created and the technical studies completed, a neighbourhood plan will be drafted for feedback from the Johnson Heights Study Area landowners, residents and the wider Revelstoke community. 

Step 4: Based on what we hear from stakeholders, the draft will be revised and presented to Council for consideration. 


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Kelly Learned
Project Lead for the Johnson Heights Study Area
Marianne Wade
Director of Development Services
City of Revelstoke