1. 2018 Building Code Update

    The 2018 version of the BC Building Code has recently been released and will be considered to be in effect as of December 10, 2018. 


    Any building permits submitted to the City of Revelstoke on or after December 10, 2018 will need to comply to ALL requirements of the 2018 version of the BC Building code with no exceptions. This is mandated by Provincial legislation by BC Building Standards and cannot be altered at the Municipal level. Permits submitted prior to this date will be subject to requirements of the 2012 BC Building Code.
    We would also like to gauge local interest in an educational workshop on the major changes to the Code so we can determine whether it would be worthwhile to hold one specific to the changes. If you are interested in learning about the major recent code changes please contact the Development Services Department at 250-837-3637.

  1. Winter Tips
    Mike 22 Feb 2018 -  - 2
    The Public Works Department has information and a number of suggestions to help ensure residents & visitors have a safe winter season here in Revelstoke:
    • During significant winter weather events plowing will be concentrated on Emergency Routes, Bus Routes and Main road arterials.  Resources will be committed to keeping these routes open and priority to emergency services such as the Hospital, ambulance, police and fire.  Snow plows will remain on the main roads until the snow falls stops and once all priority routes are clear, crews will then concentrate efforts on clearing residential streets.
    • Use caution and defensive driving practices when operating a vehicle under winter conditions.  Please be aware and stay clear of snow clearing/removal equipment and sanding trucks.  These are identified by amber flashing warning lights.  DO NOT PASS these vehicles & stay a minimum of 15 meters behind.
    • Children should never play or build snow forts on or near piles of snow at the side of the road.  Operators of snow clearing equipment cannot see children in these locations.
    • Placing of snow on the travelled portion of the roadway is NOT permitted. This regulation helps to ensure that potentially dangerous situations for motorists are avoided.
    • City of Revelstoke crews assist property owners with the clearing of deep snow and the sanding of sidewalks but the ultimate responsibility for keeping the sidewalks clear of snow and ice, rests with the property or business owner, whose property borders the sidewalk.