Radio Shows

Please activate the player below to listen to the Mayor’s Report from January 15, 2021:

Mayor Sulz, Shaun Aquiline and EZ Rock’s student reporters welcome questions from all members of the public about local issues. However, comments and questions about the City and issues of public interest should also be sent directly to Council. Click on one — or all — of the Council members below to send them an e-mail about a public issue:

The City of Revelstoke will continue to ensure the EZ Rock Mayor's Report is accessible to the people and visitors of Revelstoke so that they have access to all the information they need to remain fully informed about City Council, our municipal government and events of interest to Revelstokians.

If you have any questions about the City or local issues and events that concern you, send Shaun Aquiline from EZ Rock your questions directly and he will ask your question for you and Mayor Sulz will answer it on next Friday’s Mayor Report. You can also click here to send your questions directly to Shaun by e-mail.