Planning Services

Planning Services

The City of Revelstoke Planning Development encompasses City Bylaws, Policies and guiding documents for Community Sustainability.

Official Community Plan (CLICK HERE): The OCP describes in general where different types of land uses can be located in the city.

Zoning Bylaw (CLICK HERE): The Zoning Bylaw describes the permitted uses, size and lot coverage of parcels.

Subdivision, Development & Servicing Bylaw (CLICK HERE)

Development Cost Charge Bylaw (CLICK HERE)
Under Section 933 of the Local Government Act, a municipality can establish development cost charges (DCCs), which are charges levied on a new development to assist in funding the cost of upgrading or providing infrastructure services, and acquiring and developing parkland needed to support new development. DCCs can be collected to help pay for transportation, drainage, water and sanitary infrastructure, as well as parkland acquisition and development. DCCs are collected from all development that imposes a new capital cost burden on the municipality.

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