The City of Revelstoke lifted Stage 2 watering restrictions as of Monday September 11, 2023

To learn more about water conservation in the city check out the City's Water Conservation Brochure.

Check out how our community members reduced water consumption from August 4 to September 11

Water Usage

Level 2 water rescinded

We are back to the Level One regulations listed below:


Water Regulations During Stage 1 Water Restrictions

Watering restrictions are in effect year round within the City of Revelstoke.

Sprinklers, irrigation, and the use of a hose/pressure-washer for driveways, sidewalks, vehicles/bikes, roadways, or other exterior uses is permitted on even numbered properties, on even number calendar days; odd numbered properties, on odd number calendar days. 

Between 6 am and 10 am ONLY 

on your designated day noted above

* Watering restrictions also apply to residents in the Big Eddy.

Water Regulations Bylaw No. 1643

Hand watering

Hand watering is permitted at any time, unless Phase 2 Water Restrictions are implemented. Alerts will be sent out if needed.

New seed or sod

If you have planted new seed or put down new sod, please contact Public Works at 250-837-2001 for water exemption instructions.

Shutting Off Your Water

The City of Revelstoke will locate and turn your water off at the property line should you have an issue that requires the water be turned off. Except in the case of an emergency, the City requires a 24-hour notice to shut off water to a location. Please refer to Schedule G in the consolidated Fees and Charges Bylaw 2008 for the current charge for this service. To arrange to have your water shut off, please call (250) 837-2001.

Emergency Shut-Off

If it is an after-hours emergency call, the charge is double the rate of pay for a minimum of two hours.

Water Quality Analysis

City water is collected from various locations throughout the municipality and sent to an independent lab for testing for fecal coliform and E. coli. Test results are returned to the City for record keeping. The City also has a complete Water Quality Analysis done once a year on the Greeley creek water supply.