Snow and Ice Control

Please keep in mind...

  • That snowstorms are significant winter events and we all must plan accordingly
  • That snow removal resources are limited. The crew works to pre-determined priorities
  • That everyone's street cannot be the first to be opened. It takes time and occasionally equipment does fail, which adds to plowing time.
  • That in cases of severe storms, there is bound to be some temporary inconvenience.
  • That winter requires lots of patience, understanding and cooperation on everyone's part.
  • That although crews assist property owners with the clearing of deep snow and sanding of sidewalks, the ultimate responsibility for keeping the sidewalks clear of snow and ice, rests with the property or business owner, whose property borders the sidewalk. (pursuant to Bylaw #1400, 1992).

Removal Plan

One of the main objectives of the Public Works Department is to provide for the safe and orderly movement of emergency equipment, vehicle traffic, and pedestrians throughout the city during the winter. For that reason, a snow removal plan has been developed and is reviewed each year in order to better meet the needs of residents.


With Revelstoke’s average snowfall of 397 centimetres per year, a street system covering more than 130 kilometres, and over 35 kilometres of sidewalks, our snow removal challenge is a big one. The department established a priority system in order to maintain the safest driving and walking conditions possible given prevailing weather conditions and demand on available workforce, equipment, and financial resources.

The Public Works Department will direct snow removal and sanding to established priorities outlined in the City of Revelstoke’s Streets and Sidewalk Snow Removal Policy. These are:
  1. Arterial roads accessing emergency services
  2. Downtown core
  3. Bus routes and hills
  4. City-owned downtown parking lots and Royal Canadian Mounted Police detachment, Fire Department, and courthouse parking lots
  5. Remaining streets and roads
  6. Remaining city-owned parking lots (i.e., Community Centre, Arena / Curling Club)
  7. Fire hydrants

Grit Boxes in the Downtown Area

During the winter months, the City places bright yellow "grit boxes" will be placed at key intersections in the downtown core as well as areas used specifically by senior citizens. The grit boxes contain the same winter grit used by the City's snow removal staff for sidewalk sanding.

Residents are encouraged to scoop and spread the grit on slippery spots on the sidewalk and other problem locations. Just open the lid, scoop up some grit and spread it over the hazard. Be sure to put the scoop back in the box and close the lid firmly.

This "do-it-yourself" approach of using grit boxes could help make winter walking safer for all byhaving pedestrians address slipping hazards right away. The City will continue to carry out its regular sidewalk clearing and sanding in addition to this program.