Roads and Streets

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Street Permits

Street permits are issued to individuals or organizations who will be using or blocking a street, sidewalk, or portion thereof for a particular event.  A permit is also needed to place a bin or container on any portion of city sidewalk, street, alley, or city property.

A traffic control plan will also need to be submitted when a street is blocked or partially blocked. These must be filled out by an individual holding a valid Traffic Control Certificate.

Once the permit has been filled out it can be submitted to

Find the permit application form and traffic control plan form in one document here.

Applicable Policy / Bylaw

According to Traffic Control Bylaw 1400, street closures must be approved by City Council well in advance of the date of the event. At this time, a traffic management plan and street closure permit must be filled out and submitted. The council will then review the application and advise the applicant on approval. 

Additional Street Services

Service Requests
Street and Sidewalk Repairs
Commercial Vehicle Licensing
Snow and Ice Control